**Note: these are actually two takes on the same concept. I’ve been toying with idea for a collection loosely based on the theme of childhood and the challenges of growing up. I’d love to know what you think of these pieces and if one works better than the other. Thanks for reading!**


Come inside
And rest.

Come inside
And let sun set

On summer singing,
Cool air scent
And sweat.

Come inside.
You’re tired;

Come inside
And leave your day

Of running,
Racing hearts
And play.

Come inside.
I’m frightened;

Come inside
And hide yourself

From cold stars.
Hard streets
And night.

Come inside.
I can’t lose you

My sweet boy.
My fragile one.
My life.


Come inside.
It’s getting dark

I know it’s hard
To resist

The summer singing.

Sun low in the sky.

A witness
To your day of striving

Heartache left on the street.

Thrill, racing,

The world holding its breath for you.

But if you linger
I’ll lose you to the waste,

For night is no place
For little boys.

I’ll lose you
To a hard life

Away from the sun,

Where you may lose love

As easily
As any other trifle,

Where all you’ll know
Is the dark line
And the cruel angle,

Where all there is
Is street and alley

And cold nothings.