Hi all,

The poems I’ve included today were all pieces that I had written 3 years ago, when I first moved to Montreal. I had forgotten about them–scribbled down when the moment of inspiration struck and then lost for years, never knowing light, sleeping cold on the pages of obscure notebooks buried in boxes and drawers.

This is a characteristic of my writing…I’ll often write something and not find it until years later. I like to think of it as my past self leaving clues for my future self to find.

I often look enviously on my past self; he just seemed so immersed in inspiration. He never seemed to have a problem with losing himself in the words. Not so today. I have suffered quite continuously from writer’s block (as you might be able to deduce from the sporadic nature of my updates).

But I take the discovery of these lost poems as a sign and a hope; that if my words can still find me after all these years, I still have a hope to be able to recover that fire which sparked them into existence. and bring new words to this space.

I hope you all enjoy.