In this world, it is always summer. This kind of summer is utopian and transfigures the world with its own sort of romantic haze.

Throughout this summer world wander two brothers. They are tall and thin and pale, with eyes which suggest that their souls consist of nothingness. It is quite unknown how they came to arrive here, nor indeed how they manage to subsist in this dream downing in romance. One of their names is Emptiness; the other, Despair. In their hearts, they know that they are dead. It is quite apparent that they do not care. They simply walk unstoppably forward; long, lean hunters stalking wounded Affection as it leaves a blazing trail of ruby red blood through the golden sunset fields.

Walking towards them, from the opposite end of the world, are two sisters. One of them is lithe and blond, as deep and endless as the sky which rules her heart. The other girl was born of a low, simmering passion; a sensation captured perfectly in the intensity of a gaze carried across formless moments. Both are nameless. Their essence is defined by their message. One will tell Despair: “Everyone is worthy of being loved.” One will tell Emptiness: “No one wants to be alone.”

Together, the four of them will walk towards the pulse and center of the world, drowing and dreaming in summer nights. They all must go to the place which shows the way that all hearts break.