We drift through a mist of stars

Your words echo

Like sweet winds through night flowers blooming

All around us

Then, in daytime,

As crazed electronic complications

Scream through my mind

I look through a window

A glass heart path leading

To the open sunshine promise

Of an afternoon spent falling in love with you

“I love you” you say and quiver

As the passion daylight cordial

Spills from the skies

And frustration blows away

And hope breathes through clouds

And the world expands as I take in a breath

I hope never to exhale

Breathing in you.


I hold you when you sleep

Arms embrace, breath stirs

And together we defy tomorrow

In warm dark we prelude the dawn

And feel closely al of our living



In my mind

I burst ecstatic

Into the sapphire skies of your dreaming

To survey the fertile earth

Of your desire

And fly with you over days and disasters

Until we touch the perfect mind of God

And touching it, burn dazzling

Into eternity, twined in ivory starfire

Gracing all night skies

Holding you in warmth, breath, vision

In sleep, this joy will rise.


My days are long

Harsh light sweeps down, a sunburst

For the illumining of fallen worlds

With warmth, a touch, a kiss

A secret sweetness of promises

Whispers and a desperate passion

Burns in the heart of my burden

Long hours of business


Buzz and banality

All without you

Memory and fire

Carry me, stepping lightly home

At night, all starshine a witness

To the twilight freedom when

In scented darkness swirling

I submit to the freedom

That is your embrace