I never thought I would find you by day.

This town has known my sadness; as a child, I would puzzle over how to translate the quiet songs of the stars. I wandered alone and sang to myself.

I wanted to lead you through the web of sunset sighs that floated down from the sky, covering the city in foolish passions and fevered summer dreams.

I dreamed for us a perfect age of twilight, where your soul could dance with mine in pristine moonlit moments, away from the harsh mid-noon voices, away from the morning claxon calls of struggle, away from strange solar questions.

But your soul spoke in morning tongues and drank the dawn lit waters. You smiled your challenge of the day to blaze through you and sparkled rainbow defiance through the streets.

When I walked through sleep and silence to find your heart on the other side of night, I knew enough to smile and shine with you, despite the burning truths of day. I had found a soul who could endure the harshest tasks that the sun had set for it.