Midnight in the church yard

Clock tower raging

Time is always raging

About the things it never knows

All of romance, regret and misuse

Of the only feeling we could feel here

Of life, the type of life that has its use

In times caught free and frozen

In the ever knowing dream land of the mind .

Life is the feeling you deny

When refusing to call the quarters

Talking, fitful, final, four of us

Each trembling heart a mourner

For words laced all out and in

Though the fast and finished moments

Of a life caught roaming in time

The dreams that we make laced through it.

Our love is life that spills

From out of these words tonight

All crazed and cordial crimes.

Our treason is to hope

That souls deny the falseness that is Time

And find pulsing dreams through the night.

For the raging, desperate quiet

Of words and hopes and times

Is life! Blasphemy and broken dreams

Pass as the moving masquerade of minutes

Passed not knowing, hoping, loving,

Living, dreaming, tonight!