Welcome to my blog…although I don’t really like the word “blog”–it has something of a vulgar sound about it, something denoting the modern North American lifestyle of low brow and lowest common denominator culture.

Regardless, what I intend this space to be is a collection of poetry…most likely centering on my new obsession with prose poetry, much like the writings of Rimbaud or Baudelaire. My hope is that hints and whispers of Pablo Neruda also make their presence felt in my work (I could only be so lucky)

So, besides this introductory post and other random interruptions, the contents will be sheer poetics…I will try not to interrupt myself often, unless there is something important to say that can’t express itself in verse

I write in prose poetry and free verse…I’m not much for form or structure in poetry…I feel it to be too limiting, not congenial to the visions, inspirations and strange images that I feel I must translate into words. So, for all of you who are into formalism and strict adherence to classic verse structure, you are assuredly welcome to stay–you just may not like it!

The title of the blog comes from a poem I wrote when I was in university. I wrote the original poem to comfort a friend of mine who was pining after unrequited love. Since I often found myself in similar situations of hopeless romance and pining, a little of me was left on the page as well. While the poem itself was alright, I liked the title better–hence, I’ve kept it to this day.

I’ll include the eponymous work in my next post. But for now, let me finish by saying welcome! Feel free to comment, discuss, start conversations or simply read and enjoy!