Hello kind readers,

So, those of you who might recall, I was talking a lot about writing and creating a chapbook, loosely organized around the concept of birds. It was (and, in ways, still is) my first attempt at writing a cohesive collection of poetry. I was rather excited about it.

But, as so often happens in life, I lost my way. The passion for the project died; I became distracted by other things and, for a time, I lost the will to write anything at all. Thus, the project sat in the digital equivalent of a desk drawer, thoroughly unloved.

I haven’t fully recovered from that loss of motivation. I haven’t wanted to create anything for several months; I couldn’t possibly imagine mustering the energy and enthusiasm required to publish, promote and distribute a whole collection. And yet, something in me still wants to make new work and to share what I have already made.

So, rather than give up on ever sharing these poems, I’ve decided to post them here. It may not be as large and exciting an undertaking as I envisioned, but at least it sends these pieces out into the world.

I’m still recovering from my burnout on poetry; a couple of new ideas for collections have stirred me and I hope to find the spark that gets me through the next piece. As a dear friend once told me, if you do anything in life, keep writing. It’s what makes you who you are. I’m certainly going to try.

Please find my collection, titled “In Flight”, on the page of the same name. I hope you enjoy them; please feel free to comment.

Thanks, friends.

There are some

Who try living

In the light

Even with


In their hearts

The night is


In its quiet hours

Of those

Who search

Between shadows

For a

Rumour of


No, don’t tell me

If this is real

Or if

I’ve made myself

A story

Out of starlight


The rushing of my heart


The fate within your smile

No, just

Let it be

A moment

A life

We can sing out

Into the silence

Of tomorrow

Hello, dear readers!

It seems we’ve been here before; me apologizing for an absence and wondering if there are any eyes which still alight on my words here. But, it bears repeating: my sincere apologies for the lack of new content and the equally lacking engagement with you all.

This will change: I am happy to announce that the writing of my chapbook is complete and editing will be done very shortly! This means I should be posting some new content here soon.

Now, a question for you! I would absolutely love to share my work on the chapbook with everyone; I don’t particularly care to charge for it, as that’s not really my aim at the moment.

The question is: how many people here would be interested in receiving a a copy of the final product? Also, would you prefer a printed copy or an electronic version? Obviously, printed copies wold entail more expense for me, so I might not be able to print a large amount, but it is an option I’m looking at.

Here’s what I’m thinking: if you would like a copy, in one format or another, please like or comment on this post. Based on this, I’ll determine what is more feasible and will make arrangements to share the work. And no worries if nobody at all is interested; I won’t take it personally :)

As always, thanks for reading. Promise I’ll put up some new work soon!

Hello again, friends, readers, fellow poets and enthusiasts!

Today I wanted to share a bit of a poetry milestone–I have officially passed the halfway point on my chapbook manuscript!

It has been awhile since I last wrote here and as I previously mentioned, my collection is the prime reason why. But as I am so happy with the progress I am making and the shaping up of this poetic trip I’m taking, I couldn’t help but share it here, for anyone who is interested.

I hope to have the first drafts and initial writing process done by this time next month and the editing/revising and preparation for publication tackled by the end of the year.

At this stage, the working title of the collection is Birdland (likely to change) and is currently comprised of 17 poems. The theme of the collection loosely revolves around different birds, their personalities and cultural mythology, woven together into a story of personal exploration. Here is a current list of pieces:

1. Untitled Intro Poem

2. Bobolink















17. Untitled End Poem

Also as I had mentioned before, once I have completed and published the collection, I would be more than happy to share the finished product with anyone who would like to read it! Presently, I plan on printing physical copies (to keep with the chapbook aesthetic) but an ebook format may also be something I could consider. I will be sure to post details on the publication and sharing of the collection when they are available.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be sure to check in when I’ve made some more progress and hopefully, I’ll soon get back to posting original pieces here! Cheers!

Dear friends, readers, listeners and visitors,

In a way, I am a terrible blogger. My update schedule is erratic, at best, and I am not the most engaging moderator. I tend to update when I can or when the mood takes me and present everything as is, without any of the so-called “author platform” tricks to drive traffic.

I offer the above as observation and apology, not as defense :)

All of this is to say that the updating may become even more sporadic here, as I am hard at work on my very first chapbook poetry collection. I am very excited about this project, as it is my first attempt to write a thematic, cohesive group of poems and understandably, I want to devote all of my effort to making it engaging and worthwhile.

I will post here when I can tear myself away, but I apologize in advance if this does not come to pass.

For those who may be interested, I could (and most likely will) post updates here as to the progress of my chapbook, perhaps snippets of the work in progress here and there and an announcement when it is complete.

I do plan to have it published, whether that is through a small press or through my own efforts. If anyone would be interested in checking out the completed collection, I’ll be more than happy to keep you in the loop when it is published and send out copies.

Finally, I appreciate all of my followers and readers for the time and feedback they have given me here. You are all more than welcome here and in the future.

Cheers and a lovely summer to all!

In the freshness

Of night


Only the stars

Remember our names


The city dissolves

Into thrill and shadow


And you should be with me,

Free as I am


Flowing through darkness

My soul unbound


It should always be us here

Dreaming and playing


Growing together

As our hearts fill with summer

I’ll let you down

Just like before


I’ll miss it

Or ignore it


Or deny it

Like before


I’ll fail to see

That flash in your eye


When you scream

Through flowers


Or when you

Crack the sky


You’ll steal my breath

Until I see stars


I’ll be dazzled

For a moment


But then

I’ll forget


You’ll flit

Between heartbeats


And in sweet

Fading smiles


But I’m a fool

I’ll betray you


Just like before

At day’s end

The sun going down


And once again


It’s empty streets

And quiet lives

And the calm fade


Into questionless night.


Into this blue washed

Twilight hour

Of sudden threat


A planned revealing

Of moments


Along which

A heart

Becomes itself

I made diamonds



I gave them light,

I saw them shine


I saw them




Broken, glittering lives


I watch them

From the dark of night


Their jagged edges,

Their cold, hard faces


Another gift

I gave them.

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