Sky, spilled sapphire
Night, blue clouds rising
As mountains, to gather close
This city
Scattered field of souls.

Stars peek
Over the edge of the world,
Shy witnesses
Of all this life
Scented cool with fragrant dreaming

And I’m with you

I’m so alive
With you.


Come to me, beloved
Ours was always a love
Which was an alchemy
Of waves and longing
Wind and salt

Come to me, beloved
At the nexus of mist and brine
The calm void
At the center of the sky
The hidden soul of oceans

Come to me, beloved
I’m waiting in the heart of fog
We shall break upon the shore
Our love will flood the world

Perhaps she will search the world
For dying sunsets
Seafoam whisps
Or the deep, calm breath of night

Take all that beauty
And form it
Into a tight ball

And perhaps he will borrow
Pale blue afternoons
Golden waves of wheat
Or every languid summer

Take all of these dreams
And weave them
Into a faint smile

Then for one night
One dance
One kiss

Magic will become real

**Note: these are actually two takes on the same concept. I’ve been toying with idea for a collection loosely based on the theme of childhood and the challenges of growing up. I’d love to know what you think of these pieces and if one works better than the other. Thanks for reading!**


Come inside
And rest.

Come inside
And let sun set

On summer singing,
Cool air scent
And sweat.

Come inside.
You’re tired;

Come inside
And leave your day

Of running,
Racing hearts
And play.

Come inside.
I’m frightened;

Come inside
And hide yourself

From cold stars.
Hard streets
And night.

Come inside.
I can’t lose you

My sweet boy.
My fragile one.
My life.


Come inside.
It’s getting dark

I know it’s hard
To resist

The summer singing.

Sun low in the sky.

A witness
To your day of striving

Heartache left on the street.

Thrill, racing,

The world holding its breath for you.

But if you linger
I’ll lose you to the waste,

For night is no place
For little boys.

I’ll lose you
To a hard life

Away from the sun,

Where you may lose love

As easily
As any other trifle,

Where all you’ll know
Is the dark line
And the cruel angle,

Where all there is
Is street and alley

And cold nothings.

For you to be here,

The sun retraced its steps

Back down the path of day.


For you to be here,

Again we learned to listen

To the song of your heart.


For you to be here,

Old sorrows had to rise

From the bottom of the sea


And ask why it was

You ever thought

To take your light away.

At the edge of night:

Look there! A frenzy of light.

Here, I am beyond

The city, its pulsing beat

It’s madness; is that my heart?

Somewhere in the Nineties

We are constructing
The architecture of dreams

Somewhere in the Nineties

Nobody tells us
It’s all just so much
Metaphysical scaffolding

Somewhere in the Nineties

We are navigating
Between novelty and dust

Somewhere in the Nineties

Nobody mentions
The obscurity
Of the crisis

Somewhere in the Nineties

We feel
The stars still have their powers

Somewhere in the Nineties

Nobody emerges
From behind the curtain
Of summer

Pain would be

Too obvious

As would be

This spectacle

Of reddened eyes

And ragged breaths

You would think

We would know

You well enough

By now.

"Have you checked

In the echo of the laughter?"

You say

"Or in the strong rush

Of hope

In your blood?"

Of course,

We haven't though of that

But we will

On the street where she lives

In the last
Desperate hour
Of sunlight.

On the walk home.

Under stars
Which know
Your story.

In what was never said.

In the silence
Where love lies

In the middle of a crowded room.

In the breathless
Of knowing.

When your eyes meet.

There are some

Who try living

In the light

Even with


In their hearts

The night is


In its quiet hours

Of those

Who search

Between shadows

For a

Rumour of


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